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Soooo ...... :icondreamwalker412: , :iconwittlecabbage: :iconjessica078: Have all tagged me....So I suppose I should join in
:iconomaruo: Has also tagged me back :)

I'm going to just answer their questions all in one journal, and if you would like to see their answers to their's you can check out their journals :D
10 Question.
1) You have to put these rules;
2) You need to show 10 things about yourself;
3) You need to answer the 10 questions that are given and invent 10 more questions;
4) Choose 10 people and put their icon in your journal;
5) Go to their profile and let them know that they have been tagged;
6) Nothing like "read this and you will be tagged";
7) You are allowed to tag 10 people.

Jessica's questions :

1, Why did you join DA?
I love art and anything craftastic, so when my sister introduced me to this site, I knew I wanted to join, if only to see other peoples amazing work.
2, Whats your favourite sort of Art?
I absolutely love realism (done in pencil, paint, color pencil), and of course I love nail art.
3, Whose your favourite Artist on DA?
I adore :iconxrls: 's art, she uses such vivid colors, truly beautiful work. I also really like :icondreamwalker412: 's nail art, because even when it's a simple design it looks so elegant and lovely and neat and I'm super jealous. lol And one of my favs favs favs is :iconileanahunter: 's work. I just love how its simplistic but incredibly realistic all at the same time.
4, What makes you Smile?
Kind comments :D haha
5, If you could learn anything, What would you want to learn?
Piano. I've always wanted to know how to play.
6, Do you like Pets? Do you have Any?
I love animals....from a distance ....when they are free in the wild and not in my house making it smelly and hair all over the
7, If you can become a fictional character, who would you want to be?
hmm...thats a tough one...I dont really know...I suppose like... one with a super power or something... hm not sure..hah
8, Who do you look upto most in life?
My parents,...probably a boring answer, but they just are so great. :)
9, Do you Believe in life after Death?
I'm not too sure...I think Im more inclined to believe in reincarnation. ( not in the cliched "oh grandmas in that cat" type...but more so that our energy gets dispersed to create new life) idk 
10, Did you enjoy School?
no...well it wasn't horrible.. I liked the learning aspect, it was the getting up early to go somewhere for free for 8 hours of my life then to have homework part I didn't

wittlecabbage's questions:

1. Who inspires you the most (family, celebrity, or online person)

:iconileanahunter: Whenever I see her work, I want to draw.  Recently I came across :iconsississweets: and it really inspired my to get into jewelry creation using polymer clay.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Well....I am grown up, and I'm a personal support worker.. and I actually really love my job :)

3. What is your favorite color? Why?

Blue... its the color of water and swimming is one of my fav things in the world.

4. What is your favorite media of art and how did you start/get into that?

Pencil, and it all started in school art class. I loved it right away.

5. What are you doing right now (besides this journal :) (Smile) )

Drinking coke and listening to the neighbourhood :D

6. How was your first kiss? Was it gross/cute/funny?

Technically my first kiss was when I was 6 and my friend dared my to kiss my neighbor....I had to chase him and pin him down to do it but i did it ... haha 

7. Have you ever had a dream come true? What was it?!

I dont think i have :( 

8. What is your favorite pop/soda?

Coca cola

9. If you were an animal, what would it be?


10. What is one thing you have always wanted?

To be a really good artist... I'm not there yet, but I am trying.

DreamWalker412's questions : 

1. where would you like to go on vacation?

This is gonna be cliched, but somewhere tropical.... white sands turquoise water....who wouldn't love that? 

2 . which eye color do you like the most?

Grey or really light blue...cuz its unusual.

3. if you could change just one thing in you, which one would it be?

My habit of procrastination. I truly am the worst. lol

4.  what's your favorite perfume?

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 

5. and your favorite food?

my mom's homemade vegetable soup. 

6. which deadly sin describes you better? am so lazy.

7. what would you like to be doing 10 years from now?

Be a nurse I think....we shall see.

8. what would you do if you won 1  million dollars?

This is going to sound ridiculously boring, but I would invest it. :) ( so it can earn me MORE MONEY :D)

9. pick two celebrities to be your parents

I wouldn't want celebrity parents....not just cuz my parents rock , but because I have never had any desire to be famous, or be in the spot light and im sure with celebrity parents, you would be.

10. if you could have dinner with anyone (anyone!) who would it be?

Jessica, wittlecabbage and Dreamwalker!! We could share our nail art tips, and do each others nails haha... 

oMARUo 's Questions

1. What do you miss about your childhood?

I miss how playing with barbies, and playing at the park was like the FUNNEST thing in the world. How simple it all was.

2. How is the place where you live?

Its nice, get every season, but not the extremes. Live near alot of parks and nature, and close to lakes. Cant really complain. hah
3. What is the last present you recived?

My boyfriend bought me a bunch of books ( Sylvia Plath- the Bell Jar, Frank McCourt - Teacher Man, The perks of Being a Wallflower -Stephen Chbosky and a few others)
4. Which kind of music do you prefer?

I have a very random, broad music taste. I like a bit of everything.
5. Have you ever felt in love with some fictional character? Who?

I dont think i have tbh lol
6. What do you think about cosplay?

I think its cool :)
7. What do you like to do in your freetime?

Art, anything crafty, read, listen to music.
8. What's the title of the last song you listened to?

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood
9. Which YouTube channels do you follow the most?

Secrelifeofabionerd (love her she comes up with such great stuff) , Evelina, Cutepolish
10. What do you like about your life?

I have the best boyfriend in the world, a great family, a job thats very fulfilling, good health....I really dont have anything to complain about :)

My questions

1.) Where is the coolest place you have visited?
2.) What was your best and worst subject in school?
3.) What is your fav video game?
4.) What is your fav thing about yourself?
5.) What is your style?
6.) What is your fav book?
7.) If you could go back and live in another decade, which would you choose? 20's 30's etc?
8.) What is your biggest fear?
9.) What is the bravest thing you have done?
10.) What is your fav season?

Well that was epic! 
I'm going to tag :iconshirilee: :iconnail-artisan: :iconomaruo: :iconflagelle: :icondecembergirl2011: :iconwillow1894: :iconffishy21:
And don't have to do it again if you dont want but  :iconjessica078: :icondreamwalker412: and :iconwittlecabbage: 

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